Jairus Bilo

spice girl reunion tour

CANDY by Jairus Bilo

worth wishing a slight shamanic interlude
borderline empathy poster crowd

tagline social bunnies summer consistency
while everything burns out in fertile layers

passion billboards pay tensile debt
to monopolize country stiff heads

the new structure implants
for imagined future teen commitments

where textual space as rent
and presence pushers experiment

the current dialogue read throughs
intermittent and shafted for revival

land mines and buzz feeding busk
candy distraction again flaccid focal

immediate arrays of gratitude umbrella
already bland goldfish view point dependants

Sup mutha fukas

A Prisoner's Woe - YouTube



another constant collapse
as if otherwise material
or is this another flavour
of tight descending

book keeping the vertical
while geodesic fronts
shape me horrid
like made up math

panoramic horrors
mystify until bereft
fractals contain my curse
wiped out of bunk

never in processed
sensical overstuffed
and infinite acid days
forgetting the bane of sanity

and not up to
being your grammar jock
just casting layers
to unravel like splooge

Into Some Wild

the current ache
of investment days
whether innate endurance
of archeological buffs
towards many throw downs
the earth built us
in our relations
of missing antidotes

biophilia answers
the mother connection
that inlaid our
strain developing
connecting fauna
of old worlds
towards any sensory
gyrus that accepts it
and in turn becomes
wholesome again

Mac DeMarco - Chamber of Reflection - YouTube

Smooth Mac

PEELER by Jairus Bilo

the changeless face of bunk
flow out of us like chameleon
it was a defence mechanism
we pasted
until we were nothing but
    the harshest colours

thinning out softly forever
past any mention
of another cutoff segue
        breaking lines
to somehow connect
        fuzz rhythms
of our liquid posterity

mesquite drama to simulate
    scenes worth exciting
all the while listening
for repeats and deliberations
    inside the blank
crossover of sandwich days

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